MOUNTAIN LIFE - Coast Mountains | Fall Winter 2018

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Big Chill 12 MLCM FALL/WINTER 2018 ON THIS PAGE James Mcskimming,Whistler. REUBEN KRABBE ON THE COVER Cold chillin' Tim Emmett chips his way up a moving (melting) record of geologic time on the Pemberton Icecap. JIM MARTINELLO UpFront EDITOR’S MESSAGE Feet First p.16 LET IT BLOW Avalanche Airbag Round Up p.30 FLASHBACK Long Live The Wizard p.33 DESIGN Waterman Surfboards p.34 Departments BEYOND On Suffering And Cold Feet p.38 MOUNTAIN LIFER Bruce Rowles p.41 CHARACTER Holly Walker Leads The Charge p.49 ARTIST Jessa Gilbert p.69 BACKYARD Kees And Claire p.99 ENVIRONMENT The Icebox p.115 LOCAL PICKS Good Gear p.137 Features STEPPING UP Ian McIntosh Walks the Talk p.18 ANCIENT & MODERN A Long, Cold Walk On Baffin Island p.55 GALLERY Cold Crush p.126