MOUNTAIN LIFE - Blue Mountains | Spring 2021

50 SUGGESTED ROUTES 7-KM BIKING LOOP For this loop, start at the north end of Windy Lane Drive. Start on the Windy Lane Extension, then take Passageway ▶ Skyview ▶ Larch Loops East ▶ Ups and Down ▶ Miikana ▶ Eezy Way ▶ The Bench ▶ Drop Down Upper ▶ Midway South ▶ Zig Zag ▶ Miikana ▶ Ups and Downs ▶ Larch Loop West ▶ Little Larch ▶ Sidehill ▶ Upper Connector South ▶ Windy Lane Extension. 4-KM HIKING LOOP Start by heading north on the Bruce Trail which runs just below the top of Beaver Valley Ski Club, then take Cider Run ▶ Fall Line ▶ The Bench ▶ Drop Down Upper ▶ Midway South ▶ Zig Zag ▶ Miikana ▶ Bruce Trail heading south. So where are these trails? The Kimberley Forest is between Grey County Road 30, Beaver Valley Ski Club, 7th Line and Sideroad 7A. There are several trailheads: Pioneer Drive at Kimberley Forest Side Trail; Sideroad 7A and 7th Line at Wodehouse Karst Side Trail (all Bruce Trail access points); at the north end of Windy Lane Drive just north of the top of Beaver Valley Ski Club; and Grey Road 30 at Sideroad 4A. It’s a beautiful section of the Beaver Valley and only minutes away from some of the best sourdough in the land at the Kimberley General Store. If you want to help out with trail-build days, get involved, donate or become a sponsor, check There is no designated parking area on the property yet, though the Friends are in discussion with landowners to establish one. Please do not park on private property or block private driveways at any of the trailheads. Committee member Jason Petznick has loaded the trails onto the Trailforks app and provided us with some routes to check out. If you don’t have the app, check out the signpost maps at some of the main intersections, or the “Trails” page at