MOUNTAIN LIFE - Blue Mountains | Spring 2021

9 TABLEOF CONTENTS Spring 2021 ON THE COVER Weavers Creek Falls, Harrison Park, Owen Sound. ZAK ERB ON THIS PAGE Phillip Edward Island . GLEN HARRIS UPFRONT FEATURE DEPARTMENTS Leading the Charge p.14 Floating Ideas p.17 NEDITORIAL !e Ginkgo & the Dragon"y p.13 WELLNESS DIY Backyard Saunas p.24 MOUNTAIN HOME Barn Reborn p.27 Peninsula Pressure: Tourism Out of Balance on the Bruce p.18 ENVIRO Uncertain Harvest p.34 BACKYARD Fly-#shing in Spring p.37 FOOD Backyard Smorgasbords p.40 BIOPHILIAC Putting !ings Right p.43 WATER Elemental Alchemy p.47 WHEEL WELL Kimberley Forest p.49 TRAILS Hiking Highs p.53 GALLERY p.56 PICKS p.63 BACKPAGE Salute to Spring Skiing p.66